Sunday, December 1, 2013


A couple of days ago, Brian had this weird moment where he felt something weird on his tooth.  When he used his tongue to figure out what it was, a piece of his tooth fell off!

He announced that he thought a piece of his tooth just fell out.  Josh, of course, wanted to see.  It WAS, very weirdly, a piece of a tooth (Brian wasn't doing anything like biting down when it fell out).

As Josh was looking at the tooth he said to Brian, "Daddy, you should put that under your pillow!".  and then in the spirit of always giving options, he added, "OR I could put that under my pillow!"

(As an aside, it was likely a white filling and not a piece of Brian's tooth that fell out.)

Along for the ride

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Viearn said...

He's very smart, why waste an opportunity?