Thursday, September 12, 2013

may the force be with you

In my defense, the blog posts have been sparse because I'm living in the moment instead of writing about it.  At least that's what I'll tell myself when I look back at the blog and wished I'd written more!

This particular post is about Josh's recent obsession with Star Wars.  He's done with Ninjago and Minecraft is sort of in the backburner.  It's all about Star Wars these days.  I was pleased to discover his favourites are episodes IV, V and VI!  He's watched all episodes BUT episode II.  Ironically enough, it's the only episode I haven't seen either.

Of course, the highlight of Star Wars for Josh is the lightsaber.  And, I guess, being a Jedi.  I have caught him several times trying to use the force (and, according to him, being successful!).  Although I did like Star Wars as a kid, I don't ever remember pretending to be a Jedi and trying to use the force.  Must be a boy thing...

During our recent trip to NY, my sister bought Josh his first 2 lightsabers.  It was love at first sight.  He is truly obsessed and quite skilled at handling them!  He has since gotten another lightsaber from the PNE (that lights up and makes noises!).  And in an afternoon of father-son bonding, Bri and Josh went to Rona and then built Darth Maul's double-bladed lightsaber.  I'm still not sure who exactly was being indulged with that endeavour.  Ha.

But in the end, it is Josh's conversations about Star Wars that has been most entertaining for me.  There have been so many quips, questions and stories, I can't begin to remember them all.  Here are a couple that have stuck out in my mind:

Josh on saber-play:

J (as he crisscrosses 2 light sabers against my neck; in a very serious voice): Mommy, what are your last words?
Y: Uhhh…I love you.
Josh makes a slicing action with his 2 lightsabers like he’s slicing my head off.  Ha.

J (doing the same to Aves; same serious voice): Ave, what are your last words?
A: Say it in french!

Hahaha.  That could very well be the most famous last words EVER!  Fwiw, he sliced her head of anyway!

THEN, he came back to me and did the same crisscross against my neck:

J: Mommy, what are your last words…in french!
Y: Uhhh…Je t’aime!

And then he sliced my head off.  Again.


Josh on pod-racing:

J: Mommy, did you know that Darth Vader knows how to race pod racers?
Y: Really?!  Darth Vader knows how to race pod racers?! (I never recalled an episode where I saw Darth Vader racing pod racers.)
J (in an exasperated tone with his hands in the air): Maw-uh-om!  Darth Vader IS Anakin.  And Anakin knows how to race pod racers.  So, of course, Darth Vader knows how to race pod racers too!

Mommy can be so uncool sometimes.

S and Josh when I told them to do their best ninja pose (I wish I'd said "best Jedi pose")


The Blommesteins said...

Must have been so fun for Bri and Josh to build the light sabre. I would be the suckiest mom if Ethan ever becomes infatuated with Star Wars. I'm SOOOOO not into Star Wars. Ooops, don't tell Joshie!

Mabel said...

Well worth the wait! Don't stop writing!

Philip B. said...

Anakin Skywalker killed Count Dooku in episode 2, and nobody said 'what are your last words?'

Malcolm P. said...

who's S??

Yvette said...

Phil, didn't you read the part about neither of us have watched episode 2?! I don't believe he was role-playing Star Wars in that moment (except for the lightsaber part). Not sure where he got that from, actually!

Malcolm, S is a family friend. I don't typically put other people's names because I don't ask for their permission. Ironically, though, she is named after Luke Skywalker. Any guesses?!

Vangie said...

S is the daughter of the biggest Star Wars fan in Vancouver!!