Monday, April 8, 2013


Josh and Aves went to a birthday party in December.  Like most kid's birthday parties, they came away with goodie bags.  On the car ride home, the kids did the ritual goodie-bag-opening.

From the back, Josh asked me, "Mommy, what's this?".  I looked around and Josh was holding up a whoopee cushion.  Great.  For the record, I've never been able to "get' whoopee cushions.  I can't even remember as a child thinking that it was funny for someone to sit on a whoopee cushion.  Now, my kids each had a whoopee cushion.

I told Josh what it was and I demonstrated how to use it.  The kids howled.  They thought it was hilarious.  Yay.  Josh seemed to figure out how to blow it up but Aves couldn't, so each time she squeezed the cushion and the kids howled, she asked me to blow it up again.  Yay.  Even greater.  Call me the no-fun mommy, but I seriously didn't get it.

Then, a few weeks later, the kids re-found one of the whoopee cushions in the mess that we affectionately call our car.  Bri was driving but he had hopped out momentarily at one of our stops.  The kids and I waited in the car and they played loudly in the back with the whoopee cushion.  

For whatever reason, I decided to put the whoopee cushion to the test.  I told the kids, "let's put the whoopee cushion on Daddy's seat and see if he sits on it when he comes back".  The kids LOVED the idea and were so excited.  I figured that it wouldn't work because the cushion is in plain sight and Bri would be able to see it long before he sat on it.

Well, the next 5 to 10 minutes were the longest 5 to 10 minutes EVER.  The non-stop "is Daddy coming yet?!", made me regret I ever came up with the idea!  Who would have thought that you'd need a whoopee cushion to hold a child's attention for 5 to 10 minutes?!

FINALLY Daddy emerged from the building.  The anticipation was palpable!  We watched him hurry around the car and head towards the driver's door.  He was rushing because I guess he felt bad making us wait so long.  He quickly opened the door and sat down swiftly, with a resounding farty noise!  Bwahahaha!  It worked.  We ALL howled.  Including me.

OK, now I get it.


iTripped said...

That's awesome. For the record, I was a kid who LOVED whoopie cushions.

Bri said...

Totally got me!

Caroline Tedja said...

At the right time with the right atmosphere, it's hilarious!!

Viearn said...

a lovely shared memory that will always make you smile or LOL