Sunday, December 16, 2012

home alone

One of the many plusses of becoming a parent is that kids force you to slow down and take a look around (yes, stop and smell the roses.  But I didn't want to use that phrase because I used it about 3 blog postings ago.).

Yesterday, we had a layover at Chicago-O'Hare airport.  As we were walking through a busy concourse, Aves said, "Mommy, look up!".  I looked up and there was a wonderful display of Christmas lights in the skylight archway.  Wow.  If Aves hadn't stopped and told me to look up, I probably would have seen it, but not really "looked' at it.  Thanks, Aves.

Then, as we were walking through that same concourse, I was reminded of the scene in Home Alone when the family was running through O'Hare (around the 12 second mark in this video). I couldn't help but to feel relieved that we didn't have a layover that forced us to do the same dash (though we did cut it a tad close at Sea-Tac!).

Oh yeah, and as we settled into my parent's place, my dad flicked on the tv and low and behold, Home Alone 2 was on!  Of course, we had to watch it.


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LL said...

Glad you made it to ON safely!