Sunday, March 11, 2012

commercial-ism and mondegreen deux

Josh was playing with his Lego today and he often includes a narrative in his play. Sometimes I listen to what he is saying (it often has to do with shooting and dying and killing). Today, I started to listen in just as I heard this: “…and the police truck does too. Each set sold separately.” Hahaha…

Josh (and Aves, to a certain degree) love to identify lyrics to songs. These days, Josh is looking for meaning in the lyrics and it’s such a hoot listening to his interpretation. He has had many mondegreen moments, but I keep forgetting to write them down, save this one. Today, he actually needed the mondegreen to make sense of the song:

(listening to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep in the car):
J (singing): There’s a tire playing with my heart…Mommy, is that what she’s singing?
Y: No, she’s singing, “There’s a fire burning in my heart”.
(Just after I said it, I realized the wheels that I had just set in motion!)
J (after a few moments of intense contemplation): No, Mom, I think she’s singing, “There’s a fire burning in my house.”

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