Saturday, December 17, 2011


At 5 years-old, I don’t think I’d quite call it engineering but maybe I’m wrong.

Josh wanted to build a bunk bed for Aves’ dolls. He took 2 chairs, put them upside-down and leaned them against each other. I told him he had a serious design flaw and needed some support for the middle. In true engineering fashion, he argued that his design was fine. Until this happened:
Josh agreed that we needed some support in the middle. So, I started searching around the room looking for a box or toy to shove under the middle. I looked up when Josh said, “Here Mommy, I built this to put in the middle.”. I didn't help Josh with this at all.  Remember, I was busy searching the room!  This is what Josh imagineered:


The Blommesteins said...

Nice Joshie! When do you go to work with Dad?

Gene Pinski said...

Tie adjacent chair legs to each other and remove support from the bottom: the end result will be as stable but much cooler :-)

Stephanie McLean said...

great problem solving skills - I like your statement (engineering diss) about how he insisted that there was nothing initially wrong with his design concept :-) They are both soo big Yvette. Happy Holidays to you & your family.