Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm between jobs this week.  My last day at A was last Thursday and my first day at AI is next Monday.  I have a GLORIOUS week off to clear my head and prepare myself for my new role.

Now, I'm sure that one day my kids will read this and give me an earful, but for the week (at least the start of the week), I'm continuing the facade of going to work just so they don't get used to me being at home.  Of course, I come home a couple of hours later (to take Josh to skating!), but at least the kids think I'm still going to work.

I'm sure many of you parents are wondering if I'm doing this for them or me, and, truthfully, I guess it's a bit of both!  Here I am at Starbuck's on my second day off, enjoying my coffee, scone and free wifi for just a short while. 

I am finding, however, that between 7:45 (my usual departure time) and 9:30 am, there is not much that can be accomplished.  I have phone calls to make and appointments to schedule, but most people are still commuting between these hours.  I'm not getting much done in the way of errands at this hour.  Instead, I'm skyping with my peeps back east, organizing a plethora of photos since Fall 2010 and catching up on my blog.

Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours each morning...


Robbin Basra said...

So envious, wish I could join you for coffee!

Sue Stappler said...

What a great idea! :)

Viearn said...

Congrats on the new position. Enjoy the week off.