Monday, June 27, 2011

jeans, pants and weighing in

Here are 2 unrelated conversations I had with Josh on 2 separate occasions:

(After we've taken him to bed, Josh comes back downstairs to find me on the phone.)
J: Mommy, who are you talking to?
Y: My friend, Jean.
(Josh looks puzzled.)
Y: You would call her "Miss Jean".
(Still a puzzled, contemplative look.)
Y: Josh, you don't know Miss Jean. She's my friend from work.
J: Mommy, since I don't know her, I'm going to call her Miss Pants!

(In the bathroom, Josh is getting ready to brush his teeth; I step on the scale.)
J: Mommy, can I see how big you are?
(As he pushes me a bit so he can see the numbers on the scale.)
Y: How big am I?
J: You are 60 lbs!
Y: Wow! 60 lbs?!
(Josh pauses for a bit.)
J: Mommy, I know you are 1-x-x (the EXACT numbers on the scale!) but I'm going to say that you are 60 lbs!


Erin Rogers said...

Ok, the second one made me laugh out loud. Sooo funny! :)

Veronica Cheng said...

He already knows about the sensitivity of weight for women! Good job!

Robbin Basra said...

Josh, is learning quick!

Gary Wong said...

Smooth talker, like his old man! :p

Bri said...

I hope you're not referring to me Gary. Cause I'm not a "Smooth talker", I'm a PLAYER baby!

Gary Wong said...

Bwahahahaha! Like I said, like father like son!

Louanne said...

Holy, Joshie's smooth moves are more advanced than some engineers I know! *lol* joking ;)