Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm not prepared for this post, so I will follow it up after we do Aves "real" birthday celebration this weekend!

Today Avery turned 2.  I can't even believe it!  The time just keeps passing by faster and faster.  I will reflect on Aves' past year in my follow-up.  I just have 3 thoughts to put in this post along with the photos from her mini-birthday celebration at dinner tonight:

1. It truly is a sign of the times when one of your child's first 100 words is "iPod".

2. Thanks to Grammy and Kong for the Disney Princess ride-on toy.  Aves (and Josh!) loved it!

3. Even with all this digital gadgetry, I still fail to capture a good photo of my 2 kids!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Aves!  You are such a blessing to us and we have had a blast watching you grow this past year.  We love you!

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The Blommesteins said...

Happy birthday Aves!! She looks so grown up even from two weeks ago.