Friday, October 16, 2009

the power of suggestion

I LOVE my conversations with Josh these days. This was a conversation we had in the car yesterday:

Josh: Mommy, we need a new kitchen.
Mommy: We need a new kitchen?!
Josh: Yeah, Mommy, we need a new kitchen.
Mommy: Why do we need a new kitchen, Joshie?
Josh: Because, Mommy, they said so on t.v.
Mommy: Oh really? They said so on t.v.?
Josh: Yeah, Mommy, they said on t.v. we need a new kitchen.
Josh: We need a new kitchen from Ikea, Mommy.

Ha, ha, ha...apparently, Ikea's commercials really work!


Sandra Hadiwidjaja Liem said...

Aunty Sandra: Joshie, your daddy doesn't approve of Ikea Kitchens. He would never install such systems into your home. He rather build the kitchen from scratch.

Josh (crying hysterically):Daddy's MEAN!!!! We need a new kitchen from Ikea!!!

Sarah said...

You're lucky Josh only told you that you need a new kitchen. Cole recently told me that I need proactive solution! Marketing really does work...