Tuesday, September 22, 2009

end of summer

I get the same feeling from the end of summer and end of winter. It's that feeling that a change is coming - change in weather, change in routines and, if we're lucky enough, change in wardrobe!

But, as you can imagine, the emotions between the two are opposite: at the end of winter, we are excited that sunny days are around the corner, but are filled with a feeling of dread that the rain may drag on. At the end of summer, we are filled with a feeling of dread that the rainy season is fast approaching, but are excited each time we have yet another sunny, perfect day.

This past weekend was one of those end-of-summer, exciting, sunny days. The end of summer also means end of reno projects (woo! hoo!), so on Sunday morning, we found ourselves with no plans and a beautiful sunny day ahead. We saw lawn signs around town for Queensborough's Urban Fall Fair. I remembered seeing signs for it last year, so we thought we'd check it out.

It was actually a perfect way to spend a couple of hours with Josh. It was a nice, small fair with plenty to do for little kids. There was a pony ride, a swing ride, a bouncy castle and even go-carts. Josh didn't want to ride on the ponies because he said they were "stinky". Same went for the animals in the petting zoo! The Home Depot had a booth where you could build different things and Josh and Brian built a little race car strip. Josh got to sit in a fire truck and, really, for a 2.5 year old boy, do you need to do anything else after that?!

The start of Fall also marks the start of craft fair season and they had a few booths for me to peruse. Now, I can't wait for the big Circle Craft Fair in November!

We had lunch and listened to some of the live entertainment and then it was time to head home. It was definitely a perfect way to spend an end-of-summer morning with the family. I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful early Autumn weather that we're having and spending some quality time with your families, too!
Daddy and Joshie cooking breakfast for Mommy - See?! I told you it was a perfect day!

Josh on the swing ride - all was fun until his hat fell off

Hit the ball through the wicket and you get a prize!

Is this part of our home reno?!

This is called "wood", Mommy

DEFINITELY needed binky and lambie to see the snakes!

Can this go faster, Daddy?

This is like Uncle Mike's truck!

Just hanging out...

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