Friday, June 19, 2009

first days in t.o.

We've been here for almost a week and we're finally settling in at Grammy's house in Toronto. Note that these Toronto posts are mostly for Brian since he isn't here with us - I don't want him to forget what his kids look like!

The plane ride was fairly smooth. It's always work keeping a 2.5 year-old entertained, but Josh was pretty good. The key, I think, was to buy a bunch of new (but little) toys before the trip and to present them to him at different times throughout the flight. Between that and having Treehouse playing on the seatback monitor in front of him, he kept himself pretty busy.

He even had a short nap on the plane. I think his nap would have been longer except that I explained to him the seatbelt light and the 'ding' sound followed by the flight attendant's message. So, during his nap, we hit turbulence and when Josh heard the 'ding' sound and the flight attendant, he sat straight up and said, "Mommy, I have to put on my seatbelt!".

Avery was a doll during the flight. I nursed her right before take-off and right before landing and she slept the entire flight. Unfortunately for Grammy, she had to hold her the entire flight. But I think she preferred that to trying to keep Josh entertained!

Our first few days have been relaxing - we're (read: I'm) trying to get over jetlag. The last couple of days, Josh has been napping and sleeping a little longer than usual, so I think jetlag has finally hit him. Avery has adjusted quite nicely, still getting lots of naps during the day and sound sleeps at night.

We've already spent time with Lenny and Tini and Larry, Sandra and the kids. Joshie LOVES his cousins, Big H and Little H. Little H is 3, so if she and Josh can find some common ground to play, then they have a hoot playing together. Otherwise, they are both still a bit too young to just pick up and play.

Big H is almost 5 and Josh IDOLIZES her. He follows her around and wants to hold her hand all the time. Big H is so sensitive and sweet. You can tell that she doesn't really want to hold Josh's hand, but she does it anyway.

I have some photos to post, but I have to reduce the size of the images before I post them. I'm on my mom's computer, so I have to find out what apps she has available to do that. Stay tuned...

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