Saturday, November 15, 2008

happy joshie day!

Wow! Two posts in one day after no posts for a month - this MUST be a special occasion!

All I can say is that I can't believe that my baby is 2-years-old. Happy 2nd Birthday, Joshie! Most parents know the term "Terrible Two's", but even with the terrible 2's, I love this age! I feel like I learn something new everytime Josh learns something new and he seems to learn something new everyday! Today, for the first time, he said, "Happy Birthday. Josh blow candle.". He used to say new words each day and now he says new sentences each day! It's amazing.

During the cruise, my brother (who has 2 young daughters) said to me, "There's baby-sitting and then there's Josh-sitting." Josh is a wild toddler. He's not afraid to go off on his own, even if Mommy and Daddy are out of eyesight. He just seems to trust that we'll find him. He also doesn't listen very well. Bad combination! He loves to climb; he loves to run; he loves to play in the water. In the past year, we've seem a very active, adventurous and independent child blossom. It's amazing.

We're doing our "official" birthday celebration next week, but I still wanted to mark the day for Josh. Here are some photos of him over the past couple of months as well as his birthday candle blow out...
Watching the planes fly overhead at the airport

Joshie's bonding with Nikita these days

Irresistible smile

Josh as ringbearer with this cousins at Lenny and Tini's wedding in October

Josh's only Hallowe'en party this year (we spent Hallowe'en in Orlando)

OK, how did Josh learn to give the stink eye?!

Joshie and Brian bonding in front of the tv

The birthday boy with his birthday cupcake


The Blommesteins said...

Happy birthday Joshie!!! What a big boy blowing the candle out in one shot!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day, Josh !!! Tks for sharing the video, Yvette. Its so cute. loves, Eve, Hian, and Brian.