Monday, October 22, 2007

neti veti

I watched an episode of Oprah where an audience member demonstrated the use of a neti pot to help clear nasal passages. It looked kind of odd, but anyone who knows me knows how much I suffer from allergies. So, in my most recent episode of allergy hell, I decided to try out the neti pot.

It felt very weird. I had to do some fine tuning on the tilt of my head so that the saltwater came out my other nostril and not the back of my mouth (as with post-nasal drip). But once I got it, there was water free flowing into one nostril and out the other - REALLY weird! Also, when I finished and tilted my head back upright, my ears started popping. So, I guess something was indeed being flushed out!

My nasal passages feel pretty cleared up right now. But, I've only done it once and the instructions say you have to use it daily as a preventative measure. So, I reserve judgement at this point. I'm not sure if I can commit to doing it daily, but I'll try to do it for at least a few days in a row so I can have a bit of allergy relief this time around...

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The Blommesteins said...

OMG! I was all over the Neti Pot back in the spring. It totally works. Be careful to make sure that the water goes in the right way. Extreme pain when it goes in the wrong way. That was with the squeeze bottle version though, so you should be good. Happy flushing!!