Saturday, May 5, 2007


It's sunny and a balmy 30 deg. C here in Marco Island and now that we're used to it, we're relaxing and enjoying! Josh (and Brian!) got their first "taste" of the Gulf of Mexico yesterday. I think Josh's reaction speaks for itself! We've been sleeping lots, shopping and definitely basking in the Florida sun. I've been getting my fill of Florida grapefruits - they are the best!

Unfortunately, the condo only has a dial up connection and it took a LONG time to upload this one photo. I will post the rest of the photos on Flickr once we get to Toronto.


Anonymous said...

Hello dear family! Looks like you're having a wonderful sunny skies and water I wish we were there! Joshie must be lovin' it; being with his grandparents and aunt and uncle to spoil him greatly; give him and yourselves a great big hug and enjoy, enjoy!! Luv ya lots....Mom (the bestest mum you ever did have, as Brian would say!)

Derek said...

Dialup! Horrors!

Looks like you're having more fun in your break from Navarik than I am. :)