Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ebay - reloaded

I've recently rediscovered ebay.  I started using it in 2001.  I was addicted for a couple of months.  I searched and searched for stuff to buy and I ended up only buying 2 things - a Paul Frank T-shirt (as my own little initiation) and a camera.  It was WAY too easy and my transactions turned out well.  But, I eventually lost interest because I didn't really have anything to buy!

A few weeks ago, one of my co-workers said I should look on ebay because she noticed that in the lots of clothes that people sell, there were actually lots of maternity clothes.  What a great idea!  Unfortunately, at 31 weeks, I think I'm over the hump of acquiring maternity clothes, but I wish I had gotten online a few months earlier - I would have been all over buying lots of used maternity clothes!

I decided to re-visit ebay again anyway.  What am I looking for, you ask?  Lots of baby clothes, of course!  And any other baby stuff I can find!  I can remember all over again why I was addicted to ebay for a couple of months because I find myself checking it out constantly!  There are SO many lots of baby clothes - I'm wishing now that we were having a girl because the girl stuff is SO cute and there is SO much stuff!  On second thought, maybe it's good we're having a boy!  Hehehe...boy's clothes aren't quite as cute, but I am watching a few things and I may find myself putting in a bid or 2 soon...

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