Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ode to a spice

I have been searching for the past few years looking for the perfect spice rack to fit my Henry Watson spice jars. At some point, I realized that I was not going to find a spice rack - rather, I would have to have it custom made for me. Seemed like a rather luxurious request and I had resigned myself to storing my spice jars in a cupboard for another few years.

Recently, my co-worker needed some framing done in his house and asked if Brian could do the job. Brian agreed. As it turns out, my co-worker's wife is an artisan - making fine furniture and jewellery out of wood. At my request, they agreed to trade some hours so that we could have a spice rack built (my husband is the BEST!). This is the result:

The spice rack is beautiful and I love it! If you're ever in the market for custom furniture, just contact Lindsay Staniforth. I highly recommend her! Her studio is here in Vancouver but I'm sure if you need something shipped out-of-town, she can accommodate you as well.

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Anonymous said...

DATE: 4/26/2006 5:03:31 PM
Your spice cupboard/rack is stunning, Yvette and Brian...looks great in your kitchen! What a grreat way to trade off cost

Love, Mom