Friday, February 10, 2006

driving LeWong way!

How do you expedite your home reno's? Try driving LeWong way! How do you think it sounded when Patrick had to call into work and say, "I can't come in today because someone drove into my house."?! Hehehe...


Anonymous said...

DATE: 2/10/2006 7:16:50 AM
Hi you guys - good job! It's about time....tee hee Sig had to tell me what the hell a blob is...I mean blog. Get with it Cole!
Talk to you soon,

Anonymous said...

DATE: 2/10/2006 6:37:47 PM
*lol* Only if we could hire her to drive into our garage now!

Anonymous said...

DATE: 2/14/2006 1:34:33 AM
Where can we hire him/her? We need this person to do a few doughnuts on our front lawn so we can get rid of the chafer beetle!